What is an eco-friendly home?  We are bombarded with words like “sustainability,” “renewable,” “carbon foot-print,” and the like,  but it all comes down to living in such a way that we reduce the negative impact on the environment around us.  In an eco-friendly home we can use energy that does not rely on fossil fuels or resources that once we use them, they cannot be renewed.  The two primary sources of renewable energy are wind and solar.  An eco-friendly home is built, or remodeled in such a way as to minimize the negative impact on the environment.  We can explore using materials like recycled boards, rammed earth and the like to create a beautiful, efficient home.  In a eco-friendly home, we can use products that do not produce waste that is toxic to the environment either in their manufacture or after their home usage.  How do we get around?  What are the best types of transportation for the future of the planet?  Today, now more than ever we are seeing earth friendly cars and fuels available.  And finally, what are the best ways to minimize waste as well as recycle as much as we can so that we can reduce the amount of waste which will go into such places as landfills.


What do we want our world to look like?

The Language of a eco-friendly home

  1. -Sustainability

  2. -Renewable

  3. -Carbon Footprint

What is Hot

Solar Panels

Do it yourself wind power